Hang Tag​​​​​​​
Branding the best Fight Shorts in MMA
BAD BOY has produced the best fight short in the sport of MMA, achieving the 2011 World MMA Awards "Best Technical Clothing" award. Our challenge was to produce a hang tag that resonated the full value of this high end product with the dedicated MMA audience that will want to wear them.

Having worked previously with myself & Eric on the BAD BOY brand mark, brand apparel graphics (some of these included on the LEGACY) and several other projects, BAD BOY asked us to develop the LEGACY Fight Short Hang Tag to leverage our familiarity with the brand into supporting their new industry innovation at retail.

A Premium Hang Tag for a Premium Fight Short
BAD BOY wanted to focus on the innovative features and benefits that set these Fight Shorts apart and make them worth the bigger ticket price.

We focused on each feature and built visual icons based on the hex system we had previously built into the BAD BOY PRO SERIES Brand Identity. The international fighting nation flag icons were based on the hex shape, and have been used extensively throughout apparel line designs and advertising campaigns. The familiarity of this shape and the effectiveness of the modular nature worked well for each icon design within the features and benefits call outs.

The die cut shape around the icons inside the tag added even greater emphasis to the icons. From the outside of the tag the die shape added a "tech" feel that also echoed the innovation of these Fighting Shorts.

Finessing the top tier nature of this product, chrome metallic foil was stamped into the tag for another level of perceived value in this crucial customer touch point.

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