Game Identity
Surrender The Booty!
Avast! 'Tis almost time to hoist the black flag once more and set sail on a new adventure that will float yer boat, shiver yer timber and slake yer thirst for booty!

We Arrrrrrrrrrr Not Strangers In These Waters
My good friend Max at CERTAIN AFFINITY and I go back to the BUNGIE heyday of the gaming world, with gaming legend and then, fearless leader of Bungie, Alex Seropian. Max dominated with his time at BUNGIE and then decided to start his own CERTAIN AFFINITY, now renowned for their work on HALO, Call Of Duty, Crimson Alliance, Left 4 Dead and, of course, Age of Booty.

A New Logo For A Sea-quel
The original AOB logo is seen just below on the left, and also down with the lineup of fantastically conceived and illustrated game characters.

                        OLD LOGO                                        NEW  LOGO

*Original logo from the first game shown in the image above 

Inspiration From A Previous Title We Designed For Bungie
I immediately harkened back to the MYTH game identity that I developed with Alex Seropian whilst he was at the helm of BUNGIE, breeding ground for Max of Certain Affinity. We liked the feel of the letterforms and the textured and distressed execution, and wanted to capture some of that in this AOB TACTICS design, as seen in the MYTH Series box art shown here, MYTH, The Fallen Lords above and MYTH II, Soul Blighter below .
Dang I do so dig designing this kind of logo- hand crafted letterforms like this feed my soul.
Big props to Max & Mike at CA- thanks so much for the opportunity to work with you guys on this killer project! Yes- there will be more!

Dead - Men - Tell - No - Tales
And get no booty... Sux

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