ICONS Series
Team Rider Branding​​​​​​​
Legendary Team: Icons Among The Sport
ELEMENT co-founder Johnny Schillereff asked us to create a series of logos for for their legendary team riders, BAM Margera, Mike Vallely, Bucky Lasek and Chad Muska. This special edition graphic recognizes them as ICONS among the sport. Each design was to be screened on the top of the deck in each applicable rider series.
Uniquely Different Rider Personalities
It was important for each design to effectively express the uniquely different riders personalities, beliefs and styles. For example, ELEMENT ICON BAM digs the winged creatures of the night we call bats and is notorious for his medieval decorating flair involving creepy-cool castles and trippy old-world heraldry.

Each ICON also had to make blatant use of the ELEMENT tree logo as well as work as an obviously cohesive series that could be built upon with future riders. We were super-stoked to work with Johnny, Yvette, Todd, Mark and all the good peeps at ELEMENT.
Below are final ELEMENT ICONS Team logo designs, print ad campaign concepts, web application and product graphics. 
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