Devil Series
The Devil Rides Hard

The Devil Rides Hard
HARLEY-DAVIDSON asked us to create a Devil character for the Men's Black Label Line. Super-stoked to oblige, we conjured up a Prince of Darkness- steeped in the fully vintage roots of H-D flavor with queues from H-D graphics and letterforms from oil can labels and products from back in the day. 

Black Label: Alternative HDMC
Black Label appeals to a younger, alternative-minded HARLEY-DAVIDSON customer- brand loyal to the tribe, but wants something more progressive, unique and with more 'tude than the core motor gear has to offer.

Brand Personality
For many years now, KUSTOM KULT has contributed to building the Brand purpose and personality for the Harley-Davidson Black Label Line by supplying Design Direction, Trend Consulting and Kustom Artwork for apparel and accessories. KUSTOM KULT continues to be focused on maintaining the authenticity of the Brand Experience but, for the Black Label line, going beyond the look and feel of the traditional H-D apparel and accessories.

Live to Ride, Ride like Hell!
Like a bat outta Hell the Devil himself rides up, loud-n-proud with a deafening roar of open pipes in a billowing cloud of swirling black smoke and back-fire flames, a stank of hot iron and scorched leather burns your nostrils, and then, he looks your way, cracks a "devilish" grin, looks you right in the eye and through to your soul, and it's at that moment that you know indeed, this is all about MKE fire & iron, and this will be the ride of your life....

'Ol Skool Vintage & Hand Drawn
Working closely with Harley-Davidson, Kustom Kult developed the feel of an "Old Skool" Vintage label into a fully Kustom Library of designs that can be built into multiple application needs. We gave a "nod" to the H-D Heritage by utilizing Genuine H-D vintage fonts and Design elements + styling ques from product archives. Dave then interpreted each design concept to be able to successfully translate into anything from Belt Buckles and Zipper Pulls to Labels, Hang Tags and Screen Prints.


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