"SHOGUN" Mauricio Rua
Athlete Branding
Logo Update
A Fighter's Logo Is His Brand Mark
BAD BOY has an amazing team of MMA athletes and approached us about updating the logo for the legendary "SHOGUN" Mauricio Rua. Mauricio Rua is the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion of the world and winner of the 2005 PRIDE Middleweight Grand Prix. Brazilian born he began training with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the age of six after being bullied at school and on the street.

A fighter's logo is his Brand Mark. All of the rules of Brand Mark design apply. Extremely important for the mark to be well designed in both capturing the essence of the fighter's style and working well in all applications of use- from Mauricio's own walkout shirt to successful retail rack appeal.

Our Knowledge Base Of Martial Arts
Having trained in and instructed as a Sandan in the art of Japanese Shotokan Karate for over half of his life, KUSTOM KULT STUDIO's own Dave Parmley, has a weak spot for any Martial Arts project. This logo was extremely well designed to begin with and the original designer deserves credit- unknown at the time of this posting. Dave & Eric were asked to finesse the art at Mauricio's request.

Revision Details:
  The facial expression was too much of a frown, so we re-drew the nose, mouth & chin.
  Modified the helmet with subtleties to bring up the strength of the design and the feeling of power.
  Kustom "SHOGUN" lettering for high impact while maintaining continuity with the flair of the helmet.
  Increased the weight of "MAURICIO RUA" adding RUA in at the request of BAD BOY.
  Outlines were tightened up and proportions adjusted to be more consistent.



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